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Thank you for choosing!  We appreciate your visit and use of free data., albeit new, owns its roots back to the beginning days of the ScanAtlanta BBS.  From there, it progressed on to the long lasting website before it was purchased by another scanner website.  Though went away, the ScanAtlanta name remained a mainstay in Georgia scanner frequencies.    ScanAtlanta still exist today in both the name and Yahoo Groups as an active scanner radio chat forum. is now, again, owned by GeorgiaScanner and is redirected to this website.  Since ScanAtlanta had grown to a statewide database, the choice was obvious to change the name (mainly since that website is now owned by RR) to reflect the changes.

You will notice some differences in and the “other” website.  At, there is no Premium membership here.  It is not needed.  Users are free to download the complete database at any time – FREE of charge.  Also, this
site does not provide live scanner feeds as doing so could put public safety at risk.  Multiple agencies across the entire United States have gone to encryption to prevent their radio traffic from being broadcast live (or with a 10-15 second delay).
will not provide any links to live scanner traffic.  You are free to search the web for those links if you wish.

Also, will not “hit you up with warning points” if you post something in the forums that others don’t like. knows that we are all grown-ups and can handle constructive or non-constructive criticism.  However, if
you decided to start flaming members or posting spam, you will be asked politely not to do so – ONCE.  After that, one would simply be deleted.  We also encourage the talking about "chieckens" whenever you want!

If you have any questions or concerns about, please use the contact link at the top of the page.  We will read every message and respond as quickly as possible.

Enjoy and welcome to!


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