What is new?  As you can tell, ScanAtlanta/GeorgiaScanner is a cleaner and more simpler website!
Easier to navigate.  All pages can be saved in any format you choose.
All frequency data has been verified from the FCC database.  Those frequencies that are not
licensed by the FCC are not included.  Talk Groups, Connect Tones, CTCSS, DPL, NAC, Color Codes
are all supplied by users like yourself and your webmaster.
What happened to the ScanAtlanta.com website?  Well, in simple terms, the problem was 
between the keyboard and the chair.  Plain and simple, I was switching web hosting sites
and something went wrong and I lost the domain.  I am looking at different options
including a different suffix (i.e. ScanAtlanta.us, ScanAtlanta.org, etc.)
Why did it take so long to get it back up and running?  Well, up until July of 2018, I had been
working as a EMS Dispatcher (EMD Certified) for the last 6 years - mostly on 1800-0600 shift!  It took a lot
out of me, but in July 2018, I decided enough was enough and am now the CEO of Retired!
I have lots of time now to get back to the hobby I enjoy so much!
All the things like CTCSS, DCS, NAC, Connect Tones, Color Codes are not easy to find out.
How did you come across that info?  Well, simply put, I sometimes get in my vehicle with 
several of my scanners and go off in search of the data.  A recent trip up to the Gordon County
area netted A LOT of data that I have included.  I also have a lot of listeners who also send
me the data to upload and post.
All this is up on RadioReference, are not you just duplicating what they have?
Where do you think they get their information from?
I used to be one of the DBA (Data Base Administrator) on Radio Reference for 
the State of Georgia, but I didn't like the way they treated everyone, so I left.  I'm
not yanking my own chain by saying the Georgia database there is in pretty poor
shape.  A lot of not only incorrect information, but a lot of OLD data that agencies
are no longer licensed to.
Can we expect regular updates?  Yes you can!  I download the FCC database on a 
weekly basis and look for the latest frequencies that have been licensted to.
Just who are you?  Just an old retired guy who loves scanners and likes to know what is going on!

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